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Laser Dentistry

State-of-the-Art Laser Dentistry in Concord, CA

Our dental team is constantly looking for ways to improve upon traditional procedures, particularly if the new treatment method alleviates pain, discomfort, and anxiety. As shown by research, laser dentistry has these benefits.

Smile Makers Dental Care provides laser dentistry services for patients in Concord. If you would like to experience this state-of-the-art update to proven treatments, call our office today to set up an appointment.

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What is Laser Dentistry?

The use of laser dentistry allows our dentist to treat a specific area of your teeth or gums without risk of damaging surrounding tissue. This technology can be incorporated to effectively enhance traditional dental instruments and procedures. The precision of the laser enables us to perform your treatment with the utmost accuracy, minimizing your time in the chair. 

If you are one to experience anxiety at the dentist’s office, the use of lasers keeps you feeling comfortable throughout treatment, often with the reduced need for anesthesia or numbing agents. The accuracy of the laser secures your safety throughout the process. Additionally, you can be assured a faster recovery afterward, since the treated area is sterilized and does not need suture placement or removal. This makes for an optimal environment for healing. 

Types of Dental Lasers   

At Smile Makers Dental, our staff has been trained and certified to perform procedures with different types of lasers. The Waterlase™ iPlus all-tissue laser incorporates a touch-screen interface for precise and cutting-edge care. We use the IPlus laser to improve hard tissue treatment, such as decay removal, as well as soft tissue treatments, including periodontal deep cleaning, deep pocket reduction, frenectomies, and gum surgeries. It also helps sterilize areas for root canal treatment.

Dr. Brown and our team also use Diode lasers, which are powerful, portable instruments. They are equipped with simpler settings for greater patient comfort when undergoing soft tissue surgeries. This quality dental treatment option also assists with teeth whitening and has exclusive pain therapy modes that help treat pain or sensitivity throughout your smile.

A Minimally Invasive Alternative to Traditional Treatments

Before determining your treatment path, we help you understand the benefits of laser dentistry. Lasers are a great supplement to traditional approaches, alleviating pain and discomfort and anxiety during your procedure. You’ll experience a quicker recovery time than when traditional measures are used.

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Our entire team at Smile Makers Dental are passionate about patient care and comfort, which is why we provide laser dentistry in Concord, Pleasant Hill, and Martinez. If you have questions about the how this technology can be beneficial to your oral health care, call us today to set up an appointment.



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