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Comfortable Sedation Dentistry Options in Concord

At Smile Makers Dental, our mission is to ensure that you have a positive experience as soon as you enter our practice. Our Concord dentist offers different methods of sedation to enhance our patients’ comfort as they receive treatment. We safely administer sedation to patients of all ages to improve their appointments and relieve fears during long procedures. Dr. Gerald B. Brown, DDS, and his hygienists are certified to utilize sedation to influence future dental visits positively.

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Creating a Comfortable Experience

Our staff makes every effort to deliver comfortable dental care. Dr. Brown recommends which sedation option to proceed with during your appointment, based on the level of anxiety you are experiencing and the procedure you are scheduled to receive. It is essential to communicate with our dentist before the start of your appointment so that he knows how to best keep you comfortable. 

Dental Sedation Options

Before administering any sedative, our dentist reviews your medical history to verify health and avoid any complications that might occur. Our Concord practice offers three forms of relaxation methods: local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, and oral sedation. Every option allows a patient to remain awake and responsive, permitting Dr. Brown to perform the procedure.

Local Anesthesia: Does not affect a patient’s conscious state, but numbs the treatment site to create a pain-free experience. It is a gentle technique that makes the procedure easy to undergo. 

Nitrous Oxide: Is a popular method of sedation for all ages, and is commonly known as laughing gas. Patients breathe the gas through a facemask and experience a euphoric state where they do not recognize discomfort. Once the mask is removed, the effects of the sedative are reversed, with no lingering side effects. Patients are free to return to their daily activities following the appointment. 

Oral Sedation: Administered in pill form and taken approximately an hour before the start of the appointment. This places patients into a “twilight” state and is a method of relieving anxiety and discomfort during more extensive treatments. Patients are semi-conscious throughout the entirety of their appointment, and leave feeling as if they slept through their procedure. After receiving oral sedation, patients should not operate heavy machinery and they will need a ride from the dental office. 

For a More Pleasurable Experience

Our practice is committed to helping patients receive comfortable and comprehensive dental care. With our friendly staff and soothing environment, patients undergo the treatments they need, without dental fear. If you experience anxiety when receiving dental services, contact Smile Makers Dental today so we may help create a relaxing experience for you. 


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