5 Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

5 Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

Posted by SMILE MAKERS DENTAL on Oct 23 2020, 12:36 AM

A family dentist treats everybody in the family, from babies to the elderly. This offers the convenience of you, your parent, and your child - all visiting a single dentist on a single day as opposed to spending more time looking for a dentist who specializes in treating your specific ages. Visiting a family dentist offers more than just the convenience of going to a single dental clinic. Take a look at the five most important benefits of seeing a family dentist:

Dental History

When you stick to the same doctor through, say, from your twenties to your forties, your dentist will maintain records of your dental health, including past treatments, when you got your dental crowns or dentures, or something as recent as when was the last fluoride treatment. The dentist will also make a note of your allergies, sensitivities, and special needs. This makes it easier than having to explain your current condition to each new general dentist you visit.

Medical History

Awareness of general medical history, especially serious health issues like high blood pressure, placement of a heart stent, knee replacement, etc., is important for a dentist. This is so because such issues could help the dentist be better prepared to take certain precautions. For example, if you had a body part replaced, the dentist will advise you to take a prophylactic antibiotic before certain dental procedures.

Emergency Dental Services

If there is an emergency dental situation wherein you or anybody in the family lost a tooth, met with an accident that damaged teeth, or so on, you know you can rely on your family dentist to help you out in the situation. You would not have to go looking for a dentist during an emergency situation.

Dental Health Education

Family dentists instruct the family about routine oral care starting right from toothpaste selection to diet plans. They will also update the family on the development of the newest dental technologies and practices that could aid the family’s general oral care.

Trusting Relationship

A family dentist would mean you and your family members develop a trusting relationship with your dentist. So, family members feel comfortable at each dental appointment as they know they are in trustworthy hands. Also, knowing someone for a long time will allow you to communicate better and have no fear or hesitation in bringing something up. Moreover, it will help combat dental phobia and anxiety, serious issues that kids, as well as adults, suffer from.

In a nutshell, your family dentist will take care of your overall oral care and instruct the best oral practices to ensure you and your family have strong teeth and perfect smiles.

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