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Above and Beyond Dentistry for Your Entire Family

At Smile Makers Dental Care, we offer a comprehensive array of family dentistry in Concord, CA to patients of all ages. When you entrust your family’s smiles to our care, we go above and beyond to develop a trusting, long-term relationship. By getting to know you and your family, we hope to establish a deeper level of trust and open communication. 

Choosing a family dental practice with a skilled dentist and experienced periodontist saves time and money because you won’t have to visit multiple practices, e.g., a pediatric dentist. In short, relying on our family dentist Dr. Gavin Ewing for all your oral care needs provides peace of mind and ensures you and your family have strong teeth and healthy smiles for life! 

Whether you’re looking for a family dentist, periodontist or pediatric dentist near you in Concord, CA that blends clinical excellence and advanced technology with compassion, you’ll be happy you chose Smile Makers Dental Care!

Personalized Family Dentistry Services


Preventive Dentistry

Our dentist believes in delivering the most conservative treatments to preserve or restore healthy teeth and gums—from dental cleanings, routine exams and oral cancer screenings—to digital X-rays, fluoride treatments and dental sealants. We recommend scheduling regular visits twice a year for every member of your family so we can look for early signs of dental decay or disease, provide prompt treatment or prevent these problems altogether.


Pediatric Dentistry

When you visit our pediatric dentist in Concord, CA, you’ll meet a team dedicated to delivering a full range of gentle dentistry to help your child achieve and maintain good oral health. We encourage you to bring your child to see us by their first birthday to demonstrate the importance of proper oral hygiene early on and also help prevent dental fear and anxiety from coloring their dental experience.


Emergency Dentistry

We understand accidents happen and teeth are especially vulnerable to trauma in young children. Whether you broke a crown or filling, developed a painful tooth or gum infection or your child knocked out a tooth playing sports, our goal is to alleviate pain and restore your oral health as quickly as possible! Please call our office to schedule a same- or next-day appointment because we don’t want to see anyone suffer in pain.


Crowns and Bridges

If you have teeth with damage such as large decay, failing fillings, small cracks or a weakened inner structure, dental crowns (fixed caps that cover teeth) can restore beauty and function. If you lost a tooth, a dental bridge spans the empty space and attaches to modified and crowned natural teeth on either side to restore function and aesthetics.


Tooth Extractions

Simple tooth extractions are one of the most common types of oral surgery procedures. During this procedure, our dentist numbs your gums with a local anesthetic, then gently pull your tooth, being careful not to disturb healthy bone or gum tissue. If you have an impacted third molar (wisdom tooth) or more complex extraction, Dr. Ewing has extensive oral surgery experience to ensure your ultimate comfort during the procedure.


Root Canal Therapy

When the nerves of a tooth root become infected, this can cause considerable pain. During a root canal, infected pulp and nerve tissue are removed from the center of the tooth and then the space is filled and sealed. After your gums have adequately healed, the weakened tooth structure is protected with a crown.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Ewing is a skilled cosmetic dentist who offers a wide range of procedures focused on creating a positive change to your teeth and overall smile aesthetics. Our cosmetic dentistry services include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and full mouth dental implants. In addition to a huge boost in self-confidence, you’ll experience improved oral function.

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Family-Friendly Smiles That Exceed Expectations

When you visit our family-friendly dentist in Concord, CA, you’ll experience dental care in a warm and welcoming setting provided by a highly skilled and compassionate team. Each of your family members has a smile that is uniquely their own, so we personalize care based on their aesthetic and functional needs. 

Our goal is to ensure you and your family enjoy happy, healthy smiles that last a lifetime. Integral to that goal is educating patients about proper oral hygiene habits to follow at home and the importance of scheduling regular checkups and professional cleanings. 

If you’re looking for a trustworthy and experienced dentist near you who is dedicated to delivering exceptional and caring dentistry, you’ve come to the right practice!

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