Hybrid Dentures in Concord, CA

Hybrid Dentures in Concord, CA

In case you are missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw, there are several teeth replacement options that you can look into. More and more patients are now opting for hybrid implant dentures to replace their missing teeth. The popularity of hybrid implant dentures is now gaining attention than never before. So, what makes them different from others? Let's find out.

What are hybrid implant dentures?

Hybrid implant dentures are prosthetic restorations such as dentures that are embedded into the jawbone with the help of dental implants. They use a set of good quality acrylic gums and teeth to replace lost or missing structures of the oral cavity.

Hybrid dentures are designed in such a way that they can be embedded in the jawbone using a set of six dental implants. The restoration would be permanently embedded in place offering stability and durability.

What is the process involved in placing hybrid implant dentures?

Getting a hybrid implant dentures requires the placement of several implants in the jawbone. The number would depend on the size of the jaw bone. Once the implants have been placed, they would be connected to posts or abutments. The hybrid denture would then be set in place. The patient would be able to maintain their dentures just like natural teeth.

What are the advantages of hybrid implant dentures?

The advantages of hybrid implant dentures are:

  • They are permanent restorations
  • They can be easily maintained
  • They offer durability and stability
  • They are long-lasting
  • They enhance appearance
  • They stabilize facial posture


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