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We all want a perfect-looking smile, but it is relatively arduous to achieve. And so, to make it effortless, Invisalign is recommended. This blog post will let you know about Invisalign and how it can benefit you.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an advanced solution that is used to straighten the teeth without wires. It is made up of clear, smooth, and durable plastic that looks invisible when worn on your teeth. It has to be changed every two weeks with a new set of aligners that gradually straighten your teeth in the correct position.

The Procedure of Invisalign Treatment

The process of Invisalign is attained by following the steps given below:

  • First, the consultation session begins with your orthodontists. In this session, he will properly examine the entire tooth and create a treatment plan for you.
  • Following the treatment plan, they will take X-rays, photographs, and impressions of your teeth.
  • The impression is then sent to the lab, where a 3D impression will be created of your teeth and, based on that, fabricate the aligners. Till then, you will be asked to wait for about a month for the invisible aligners.
  • After a month, you need to come to the office for the aligners. The orthodontists will fix it to your teeth and instruct you on how to change it after every two weeks.
  • You will see a slight change after a few weeks.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign offers the following benefits:

  • The first and the most effective advantage everyone considers is to have an invisible brace. Thus, they can achieve it with the help of Invisalign.
  • Unlike traditional braces, it is relatively comfortable to wear, thereby making eating and speaking painless.
  • You can even remove your Invisalign while eating or cleaning.
  • It is relatively affordable.
  • The process of Invisalign is painless and comfortable.

Invisalign Aftercare

Invisalign should be taken care of properly. Follow the points below to keep your Invisalign and teeth from damage.

  • Brush the Invisalign gently with a soft brush every day. Also, give it a deep clean once a week by soaking them in cleaning solutions.
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly before putting the Invisalign into your mouth.
  • Remove the Invisalign while playing sports.
  • Brush and floss your teeth properly before adjusting your Invisalign to prevent any bacteria buildup.

Invisalign helps to straighten your teeth, improve your smile, and make your eating effortless, thereby maintaining both oral and overall teeth health.


Smile Makers Dental Care offers advanced dental care services, including Invisalign procedures at Concord. For more information, give us a call at (925) 6859339. You can also book online or visit us directly at 901 Sunvalley Blvd. Suite 240, Concord 94520.

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