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Digital Technology Delivers Dazzling Smiles

Your smile is a distinctive and unique physical characteristic and typically the first thing other people notice about you. If you’re unhappy with your smile due to decayed, crooked, discolored or missing teeth, you’ve come to the right practice. At Smile Makers Dental Care, we love using advanced technology to deliver beautiful, confident and fully functional smiles. Digital Smile Design in Concord, CA enables you to play an integral role in guiding your dream smile before treatment begins. This unique treatment planning protocol makes it easy for our team to carefully analyze your facial and dental structures and present a digital mockup of your new smile design. Through state-of-the-art videography and digital technology, dental smile design in Concord, CA helps you visualize and create your ideal smile. We love offering smile design dentistry because there’s no better way to show you the transformative power of a new smile than for you to “try it on” and tweak it before taking the next step on your journey!

Try Out Your Dream Smile Digitally

At your first consultation, Dr. Gavin Ewing will sit down with you to discuss your smile goals and budget. Next, high-quality digital photos and videos are created while you smile and speak. This data is fed into the design software to analyze the shape, size and color of each of your teeth, as well as your gum line and overall alignment. Digital Smile Design in Concord, CA provides an accurate visual 3D mockup of your desired outcome, whether you’re getting porcelain veneers, hybrid dentures or other cosmetic dentistry. In our experience, this innovative technology improves collaborative decision-making, patients’ ability to communicate changes prior to treatment and ultimately, treatment satisfaction. But the use of innovative technology doesn’t end there. Dr. Ewing invested in Yomi®, the first and only robot-assisted technology for dental surgery, as well as a 3D printer. These and other advanced technologies at Smile Makers Dental Care deliver an efficient digital workflow from start to finish that benefit our patients.

The Many Benefits of Smile Design Dentistry

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Digital Smile Design in Concord, CA provides a sneak smile preview of your likely treatment results to help ensure your new smile exceeds your expectations.
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Expertise, Advanced Technology, and Compassion

At Smile Makers Dental Care, we thrive by helping patients choose restorative solutions that improve their smile aesthetics, confidence and oral and general health. Digital Smile Design is just one example how Dr. Ewing and his team use technology to optimize their skills, improve efficiency and precision and deliver great outcomes in a stress-free and collaborative setting with open communication. In short, smile design dentistry in Concord, CA helps our team create whiter and beautiful smiles that meet or exceed our patients’ unique smile goals and expectations! When you see firsthand how your new smile will look, you’ll feel confident you made the right choice entrusting Smile Makers Dental Care with your cosmetic and functional oral health needs.

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