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Every time we try to convince ourselves with words like everything is okay. Knowingly, we ignore important signs and stick on with our poor oral health habits. The undetected problems can lead to serious dental as well as health issues. Here are some of the common myths you might have:

Myth #1

My Teeth Don’t Hurt. So, I Don’t Need to Go for the Dental Visit.

When you start developing decay in your tooth, it isn’t painful. Most of the oral health issues may not be noticeable at all. That is why it is recommended to visit your dentist at least once every six months for regular dental cleanings and examinations. Through this thorough dental examination, the dentist can easily detect early signs of any dental problems before they turn into severe ones.

Myth #2

Chronic Bad Breath is All About Brushing.

If you have bad breath due to onions, then you can just brush it away. But having chronic bad breath or halitosis might be because of gum disease, tooth decay, tooth infection, and even other health issues like kidney and liver failure. If brushing doesn’t fix your bad breath issue, then get a thorough examination from the professionals.

Myth #3

My Gums Aren’t Bleeding, And So, I Don’t Have Any Gum Disease.

Bleeding gums is just one of the symptoms of having gum disease. The other symptoms are to have red or swollen gum tissue. It is better to get it treated at its earliest stages. These early stages may not even be noticeable to your eyes.

Myth #4

Chewing Gum is Just as Good as Flossing.

Flossing doesn’t have any other alternative. You cannot attain good oral health through any shortcut ways. Chewing sugar-free gum after having food can help in keeping your teeth clean, but it cannot remove debris or plaque from below the gum line. Chewing the gum for too long will help the oral bacteria to colonize over your teeth.

Myth #5

I Can Take Care of My Teeth at Home, so I am Fine with It.

If you are limiting the consumption of sugar and starches, brushing after every meal or snack and flossing twice before brushing can help you practice and keep good oral hygiene. But nothing can compete with professional dental care; there is simply no other way to assure the health of your teeth and gums.


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