Why You Should Consider Laser Dental Treatments | General, Family and Cosmetic Dentist Concord, CA

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Ewing, DDS, is a dentist who uses a variety of new, proven dental techniques, including the use of a dental laser. Adding a laser to a traditional deep cleaning or surgery is an optional part of care. However, if you can receive laser dental care from Dr. Ewing, you may want to know that lasers provide several benefits for your oral health.

Efficiency of Treatment

The administration of treatment and the healing process are both far more efficient when undergoing laser-assisted procedures than just being treated with traditional methods. Periodontal deep cleanings with lasers eliminate more oral bacteria and plaque because the laser can sterilize the entire treatment area. When used to make incisions for surgery, lasers encourage faster healing and avoid the need for manual suturing.

Enhanced Comfortability

The use of traditional suturing is effective, but it does have a disadvantage: low comfortability. Comfort during their treatment is just as important as the treatment itself; anyone who is uneasy while receiving care from a dentist is going to hesitate to see one again, severely increasing their likelihood of needing future surgery. Oral stitches are simply not the most comfortable healing method, which is why dental lasers are a valuable tool in dental care.

Because laser incisions do not require suturing the way traditional oral surgeries do, the healing process after laser surgery is far more effective. Our patients get the care they need, enjoy their recovery period, and feel more secure when returning for routine appointments.

Adaptable Use

The sterilization and healing benefits of lasers make them a significantly advantageous addition to any procedure. Many patients assume that lasers are only available within a narrow list of treatment options or that a laser-based procedure is an entirely different form of care than a traditional option. This confusion can make patients apprehensive in taking advantage of this dental tool.

The beauty of dental lasers is that they are incredibly versatile. Gingivectomies, frenectomies, open flap debridement, and more can all be treated by a dental laser. Although the laser we use may be limited to soft tissue treatments, the range of procedures you can have is far broader than most expect.

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Smile Makers Dental provides laser dentistry in Concord, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, and all surrounding communities. By utilizing this cutting-edge dental technology, Dr. Ewing can help you enhance the health of your smile. For more information, call our practice and schedule your next appointment today!

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