Dental Emergencies in Concord, CA

Dental Emergencies in Concord, CA

Dental emergencies such as a broken tooth or bitten lips can be highly painful. They happen unexpectedly and can put us in a state of panic. Most patients wouldn’t know how to react to the situation and would just go into a panic-frenzy. This wouldn’t help them in any way and could only worsen the situation.

Common dental emergencies and how to handle them

  • Broken tooth: A hard blow to the mouth, a bad fall, sports-related injury, etc. could result in a tooth breaking just near the gum line. This is one of the most painful experiences one can have and may result in severe bleeding. In such cases, avoid panicking, wash the mouth with clean water and try to control the bleeding using a clean piece of gauze. Avoid touching the broken tooth with bare hands as it could contaminate it. Take the tooth along while visiting a dentist, preferably in a glass of milk.
  • Chipped tooth: Sometimes, biting a hard food substance or undergoing external injury can result in chipping of the tooth. This can expose the tooth pulp to the microbes in the mouth and result in root canal infection. Control the bleeding by applying pressure on the injured tooth and visit a dentist as soon as possible.
  • Injured soft tissues: This usually happens in the case of sports-related injury or when the patient is undergoing orthodontic treatment. The gums or the soft inner lining of the mouth could end up getting cut or bruised, which results in severe bleeding. Use a clean piece of gauze to control the bleeding and see a dentist at the earliest.
  • Failed restoration: Sometimes, an old restoration could fail or simply come off when you’re biting something too hard. This can potentially expose the tooth to the microbes in the mouth or even cause it to fail under excessive forces. Hence, getting a new restoration placed at the earliest is very important.


In case of dental emergencies, call us at (925) 685-9339) to request an appointment with our Dentist in Concord CA. We’d be happy to offer help and support at the earliest.



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