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In case you are missing some or all of your teeth, dental restorations can replace them to offer you the comfort and aesthetics you are looking for. Generally, dental implants are considered the best teeth replacement option, but many patients may have a hard time affording implants that can replace all teeth from the oral cavity.

Hence, many patients are now opting for hybrid implant dentures to replace full rows of teeth as they are much more affordable than dental implants.

So, what are hybrid implant dentures?

Hybrid implant dentures are nothing but dentures fixed to the jawbone with the help of implants. They are just like natural dentures, but unlike conventional ones, hybrid implant dentures are attached to the jawbone by using a set of four Titanium dental implants. They help fix a set of life-like acrylic teeth in place. Hybrid implant dentures replace traditional dentures. They are a permanent/fixed type of restoration that is removed by an oral surgeon.

Maintenance made easy with hybrid implant dentures

Keeping the oral cavity clean while wearing restorations is essential to good oral health. Patients who wear restorations such as dentures may always have to remove them to brush and clean their teeth. With hybrid implant dentures, your newly restored teeth are more like natural ones. This means, your hybrid implant dentures can be cleaned and maintained just like natural teeth.

Hybrid implant dentures are the most effective method of replacing several missing teeth. With regular hygiene visits, patients can ensure their dentures stay healthy for years.


Get customized hybrid implant dentures only at Smile Maker Dental Care. 

To know more, call us at (925) 685-9339 and request an appointment with Dentist in Concord CA, Dr. Ewing at our office in Concord, CA.

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