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Wouldn’t it be easy if a device could help you identify if you are a suitable candidate for oral appliance therapy? Zephyr Sleep technologies have made it possible with MATRx Plus™.

What is MATRx Plus™?

MATRx Plus™ is the world’s first-ever medical device approved by the FDA that helps identify patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) who are suitable for oral appliance therapy.

What’s different about MATRx Plus™?

The goodness of MATRx Plus™ is that patients can now use a convenient and easy-to-use device to carry out their sleep apnea tests at the comfort of their homes. MATRx Plus™ has been devised to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from mild to moderate or undiagnosed sleep apnea. MATRx Plus™ is helpful for patients whose medical cases can be treated with oral appliances. Oral appliance therapy would help keep the airway open while the patient sleeps.

In case you are yet to get a sleep apnea diagnosis done but have noticed significant symptoms (these include snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness), there is a high possibility that you could have undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea.

Features of MATRx Plus™

The striking feature of the MATRx Plus™ or the MATRx™ is that it allows patients to perform a self-test for sleep apnea at home without having to go through the pain of an overnight sleep lab study. MATRx Plus™ also comes with additional features.

1. Multi-functional capabilities

MATRx Plus™ allows you to perform an at-home sleep test and at the same time, check whether you are responsive to a particular oral appliance.

2. Easy-to-use

The device offers an easy-to-use interface and instructional videos.

3. Cloud Connectivity

Being connected to the Cloud interface, patients can efficiently deliver home sleep study to the professionals at sleep medicine dentists or clinics.


Contact Smile Makers Dental Care if you believe you are maybe noticing symptoms of OSA. Ask us about MATRx Plus™, and we’ll be able to guide you better.

To know more, call us at (925) 685-9339 and request an appointment with Dentist in Concord CA, Dr. Ewing at our office in Concord, CA.


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